Friday, August 15th and Saturday, August 16th there will be a variety of fun and entertainment for children and adults at LaMoure County Memorial Park. Children will be able to enjoy inflatable games, paintball, a little league tournament, ATV demonstrations, arts and crafts, and much more!  Adults can participate in a golf tournament, car and motorcycle show, 5k walk/run, and outdoor concerts featuring Bobby Cyrus, Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders, Jeremiah James Korfe, DJ Bob, Junk FM, Alexis Barnick, Whiskey 7, Renegade, and John Narum! 

Bobby Cyrus
Bobby Cyrus knows that his famous surname is likely to raise eyebrows. As a younger cousin to Billy Ray, the expectations on a singer with the Cyrus name are understandably lofty. The self-described “civilized country boy” from eastern Kentucky doesn’t mind the inevitable comparisons, however. He’d just rather let his music do the talking, and with the release of his debut album, Homeplace, Cyrus has certainly composed an impressive conversation starter.

“I’ve set out to share my own sound with the music I make,” says Cyrus in his characteristically warm, Country-gentleman tone. “I’d like to think that the words I sing and the people I sing about are relatable, because they’re all real. I’ve been making music since I was 22 years old, and I’m telling stories that actually happened. You can hear my influences in what I do, but my goal is definitely to put my own stamp on what I love. Let the people decide what they want to call it.”

A former heavy-machinery sales and management executive in the coal mining and construction industry, Cyrus took advantage of his time behind the wheel on long business trips to sharpen his songwriting craft and refine his smooth, hill-country delivery. He had already experienced some minor successes as a songwriter, with cuts being recorded in the Country, Christian and Bluegrass genres, but it wasn’t until he and Billy forged a bond in the mid-2000s that Bobby began seriously considering a career in Nashville. 

“Both of our fathers died within about eight months of each other back in 2005,” notes Cyrus. “That really brought us closer, in a way. Billy and I had performed together a few times before in the past, but when he heard some of the songs I had written and was singing, he was really supportive.” 

Cyrus is quick to point out that it was his father, Bobby Glenn Cyrus (known as Bob to most), who influenced him as an artist more than anybody else. And while he counts Waylon Jennings, Ricky Skaggs, Larry Cordle, Kris Kristofferson and Keith Whitley among his principal influences, there was one other individual that had a particularly profound and personal impact in Cyrus’ life: the legendary Tom T. Hall. 

The story of how the two met is something of a tearjerker, and to hear Cyrus tell the whole tale is fascinating. The short version is that near the end of Bob’s life, Cyrus approached Tom T. about cutting a demo recording of one of the songs his father had written nearly two decades before. Hall graciously obliged, and a friendship was born that resulted in Bobby writing for the iconic songwriter’s publishing company, Good Home Grown Music, for several years afterwards. 

“Music was a dream my dad aspired to, but never got to chase,” Cyrus reveals. “He chose to work and raise his four kids, and that in itself showed me what’s required of a man if he’s going to call himself a man. He encouraged and influenced me to do what I do, as well as to take care of my responsibilities. I learned to write songs by listening to his songs.

The fundamental lessons Cyrus learned growing up – namely, the importance of family, friends and relationships – are the same core principles that guide the gifted singer-songwriter in his life and career today. With the release of Homeplace, Bobby Cyrus has expressed those values in the simplest, most natural way he knows how: by making thoughtful, genuine and heartfelt Country music that will surely stand the test of time. 

Since the release of HOMEPLACE Bobby has opened a theater in Pigeon Forge TN  In May 2014. Bobby refers to the Cyrus Family Theater as a place to bring the whole family to enjoy  great music from the past and the present ,mix in a little comedy and a free cookout along with a meet and greet after every show and it seems to have become a must visit venue when vacationing in Pigeon Forge TN. Call for tickets  865-446-4329. This  has proven to be a busy year for Cyrus   Bobby Cyrus Entertainment LLC. was also opened for business .As President and CEO  working with new artists and projects . Bobby says “It’s a blessing to be able to pass on his years of experience in the music business to help new and talented artist realize their dreams” 

We expect to hear about more big things coming up in the near future from Bobby Cyrus. He is looking forward to meeting and talking to his fans at every show.

Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Crankshaft has been pounding the pavement since 2008, developing his own "pork neck" style along the way. A sound heavily rooted in rock 'n' roll, blues, country, swing, and surf that "could not have been imagined prior to the early punk scene," as described by Dig In Magazine. Rock solid original lyrics, a dedicated fan base, and his 21st century twist on the American roots is pushing him to the top of the crowded Minneapolis music scene in a hurry. It's becoming clear to many that Crankshaft is "one of the best and most interesting roots, rock and blues acts playing around town these days." - Cities 97.

Born into this world from gas station cassette tape collecting semi-truck drivers, Alex “Crankshaft” Larson was introduced to a wide variety of music as a pup. In 1996 he traded a combination oil/wood stove to his uncle for his first electric guitar and amp. Since then he's been involved in many projects, including a band he started with his brother in 2001 called The Mojo Spleens. In April 2008, while self-employed as a contractor, he started practicing as a one-man band and was playing shows two months later. Larson self-produced and released three albums during the next two years. In 2010, backed with the business skills he developed running a construction company and the strong DIY ethics he learned from his connection to the underground punk scene, Crankshaft decided to hang up his hammer for good so he could focus on writing and performing music. Since then he's been earning a living playing, as both a traditional one-man band and as the leader of his trio, Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders.

Jermimiah James Korfe
Jeremiah James Korfe is an emerging artist from central Minnesota. With over 17K Facebook fans, his momentum is just getting started!!!Jeremiah spent 6 years in LA writing for artists which led to the opportunity to spend 2 years on the Action Sports Tour, X Games, & Dew Tour. His band, From Joyce, opened for many rock acts and his music has been placed on multiple shows such as MTV’s The Hills, and Discovery’s LA INK. Despite being in the LA music scene, Jeremiah has always stuck to his down home country style of living. When approached with the chance to be a part of CMT’s hit series Sweet Home Alabama, he jumped at it and became the season 3 winner!This experience led to the debut of his first country music video on CMT. It charted in the top 10 for 5 weeks and held at #6 for 2 full weeks!Jeremiah's opportunity has paid off as he made many contacts in the Nashville scene and he has spent the past year traveling back and forth from the Minnesota family farm performing and recording. He recently finished his 6 song EP with 2 tracks being done with the complete backing band of Big-n-Rich and 2 others recorded in the Jay Demarcus (Rascal Flatts) studio! All songs were written and produced by Jeremiah himself.

Jeremiah is now a hot act in the country scene and he has opened for several national artists including Dierks Bentley, Kacey Musgraves, Dustin Lynch, Gretchen Wilson, Randy Houser, and Low Cash Cowboys just to name a few.

Junk FM
“You guys do everything I like, and are not at all what I expected…” Better descriptions are hard to find when people who are new to seeing a Junk FM show walk away making that kind of statement. Junk FM manages to accomplish something that’s difficult to categorize, but easy to fall in love with: fire off party goers’ favorite songs with unexpected twists and surprising changes of pace! On more than one occasion fans have confessed: “Junk FM RUINED some of my favorite songs - when I hear the originals all I can think is ‘I like Junk FM’s version better.’“ Genre-bending mashups and juxtaposing styles, Junk FM delivers an infectious high energy show by a crack team of musician-performers who just wanna’ see how ridiculous the dancefloor can get over the course of the night. From Garth Brooks to Lady Gaga in one slamming step, simultaneous Eminem and Green Day, Cee Lo Green meets Rod Stewart all while stealing your drink! Junk FM doesn’t care what your idea of a great night is, they’re gonna show you how super-dope-ass your party can be!

One local talent buyer in the Twin Cities commented, “Junk FM doesn’t do the cover band schtick, it’s more rock show than bar-band.” Maybe it’s the time spent still active in their original musical ventures (ReadyGoes, Usonia, The Wannabe Has-been’s, and The Museum of Knives and Fire to name just a few) or their refusal to “just play the song” without adding some Junk FM flavor... One thing is for sure, these guys aren’t coming just so audiences can watch - they’re coming to make you join the chaos!

Alexis Barnick
Alexis Barnick is a 23-year-old native to the city of Jamestown. She graduated from Jamestown College in 2013 with a degree in music education. Alexis performs around the state for many different audiences and can perform many different styles. Barnick is known throughout the FM area, singing for grand openings, political events, fundraisers, church functions, weddings, college plays and more. Her dad, David, farms south of Jamestown and her mother, Lisa, works for The Jamestown Sun. She has 3 siblings, Ariana who lives in Phoenix AZ, Alyssa who is a freshman in college at Lake Area Tech, and Kane a sophomore at Jamestown High School. In 2011 Alexis competed in the show, American Idol. She made it to Hollywood beating out thousands of singers from throughout the country. This past year Alexis has been traveling from Florida to Chicago to Nashville, learning more about herself as a musician while auditioning and performing for musicals, television shows and music producers. Alexis recently signed her first teaching contract with Pingree Buchanan Public Schools. She will be teaching K-12 general music as well as band and choir. Alexis is ecstatic about using her past experiences to help lead students to a lifelong appreciation of music.

Whiskey 7
Whiskey 7 is a new band to hit the upper midwest and is ready to rock your world! Enjoy a wide variety of music that'll get everyone up and moving! Whiskey 7 features experienced musicians with sisters as lead vocals.

"We formed our band last summer. We consider ourselves family as we have 2 sets of siblings in the band! The two lead singers are sisters Liza and Natalie; their Dad is the lead guitarist, Steve. We also have brothers in the group! Chuck, our rhythm guitarist and Jimmy, our drummer. We play a wide variety of music from the 60's up through today! We all love to get together just to play. It's our true passion:) Our musicians have years and years of experience, so it's so fun to hear what they can do. They amaze my sister and I so much!"

John Narum
John Narum, just 20 years old from Fargo, ND, is a professional yo-yo performer with 16 years of yo-yo artistry experience. He has performed all over the nation, including making appearances on the Martha Stewart Show, Tony Danza show and is most recently a contestant for America’s Got Talent Season 9. When he is not performing on stage, he is also a competitor in yo-yo competitions. He currently has the title of being the youngest person ever to have won the World Yo-yo Championships in 2005 at the age of eleven. His goal is to inspire others to take their unique talents and use them to push forward in life, as well as create a new image of what others consider a toy, and he considers a sport and art. Come on out and see some of the amazing things he can do!

Nathan Miller Unplugged
Who was the first person to put a bar across the strings of a guitar? Some say it was a young boy who found a broken railroad tie while walking down the tracks and put it to his guitar neck, others say the tradition goes back into the delta's snaking waterways so long ago the passed down lessons origins are long forgotten.  Either way, the haunting wails of the slide guitar, it's human voice like cries, have undisputedly worked its way into every aspect of popular music since its lonely screams were first heard a many dusty centuries ago. 

Nathan Miller is a lap slide guitar player many miles and many years removed from the old traditions of what slide guitar music is and he is making an effort to question what the slide guitar can be. Nathan Miller evokes the traditional sounds of the past , with effortless technical prowess, and propels the slide guitar into the future. While typical lap slide guitar playing is reserved for the background, an accompanying instrument to a songs melody, Nathan smashes the mold and bring lap slide guitar to the forefront. Weaving brutally heavy chords around infectious single string melodies when seeing Nathan Miller for the first time many crowds seem floored and entranced by the sonic force they're witnessing. He sits down so you can stand up.

Hailing from Rochester, Minnesota Nathan has made Minneapolis his home. In a short time his slide guitar playing has received attention and notoriety in the Twin Cities and has caught the ears of many of the cities elite national talents. Nathan has lent his lap slide guitar to recording sessions with Hip Hop producer Ant (Atmosphere and Brother Ali), and R&B stalwarts Mint Condition to name a few. He has shared stages with Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Rusted Root, Trampled by Turtles, Indigenous, Canned Heat, Eric Gales, Mint Condition, Eyedea, Roster McCabe, Wookie Foot, the Infamous String Dusters, the 4onthefloor, and many others over the years with constant touring and festival playing. 

Recently, Nathan and his band Unstoppable Co. while enjoying a few days off the road recorded a brand new EP. The band recorded, mixed, mastered, designed, and produced the whole project by themselves with no other outside help. Entitled "These Devils" Nathan and the band may have come up with their most intimate release to date. In the fall the band will be releasing a full length record of brand new music as well. So keep your ears peeled Nathan Miller and Unstoppable Co. will be sliding in to a town near you soon.

Purchase your tickets now!

In Memoriam

  • Nephew Austin Wayne
    Nephew Austin Wayne When you were brought into this world I couldn't wait to meet and hold you in my arms. Share you with all my friends. I was such a proud and excited Aunt. I had no idea the impact you would make on my Life. You had such a way with people that made you so unique. I am honored to have known you, been your Aunt and a friend. Until we meet again dear nephew RIP. Love you, Auntie Stacey 2014
  • Blake Allen Johnson
    Blake Allen Johnson Son of George and Jody Johnson, LaMoure, ND Blake was a free spirit. He loved snowmobiling with his brother and friends and he loved hunting. He was a healthy, handsome young man who died at 19 years old. Blake was a registered organ donor. One of his generous gifts was his heart that was donated to a gentleman in Iowa whom continues to stay healthy and do well. Blake's family keep in close contact with him. Blake saved the lives of three others, also. We love you and miss you everyday!
  • Granny
    We miss you all the time, but especially in the summer when we are at the lake. You were always the life of the party and had the most generous, sincere heart! Love you, Granny!
  • In Memory of Ashley Kay Meyer
    In Memory of Ashley Kay Meyer Forever missed Never forgotten.
  • Simon Aberle, Jr.
    Simon Aberle, Jr. Simon drove his truck to the big farm in the sky on July 7, 2007. Simon set great examples for his kids and taught them the value of a day's work and a person's word. Simon loved his grandchildren and would do absolutely anything for them. Dad and Grandpa, you are sorely missed
  • Celebrating the Life of Mariya Tate
    Celebrating the Life of Mariya Tate Mariya was one of a kind with her beautiful blue eyes, bright blonde hair, and a personality that anyone would envy. She was so full of life and could get down with the boys yet dress up with the girls, never a dull moment being friends with her. She is deeply missed by her brother Tanner, her parents who absolutely adored her and many friends and family. A life taken far too soon, Rest Easy MTB. See you again someday (EDGE-Everyday Gets Easier).
  • Uncle Jacob
    Uncle Jacob We miss our Uncle Jacob very much. We miss playing with him...he was our best friend. We talk about you every day and wish you were here to swim with us. Love, Maddux and Crosby
  • Grandpa Herman
    Grandpa Herman Grandpa Herman lost his life to cancer in March of 2012. We miss listening to his stories, jokes and most of all his hugs. He was the true definition of a family man, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa! We miss and love you Grandpa Herman, Trista, Josh, Maddux and Crosby
  • Remembering Alexis Ann
    Remembering Alexis Ann "Two things in life are for sure; you are born and you die. It's what you do in between in that small amount of time where you get to be remembered." (Taken from Lexi's Facebook page) Lexi was the mother of a beautiful son Braylen Lee when she was tragically killed in a car accident. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and huge smile could light up any room she walked into. A beautiful person inside and out that we miss very much!
  • Fredrick William Nannenga III
    Fredrick William Nannenga III Freddy died in a car accident 12/10/11. He was my nephew. We miss him very much. Reminder don't text and drive and always wear your seatbelt.
  • Grandpa Donnie
    Grandpa Donnie Grandpa lost his life to cancer in 2010. I miss his smile, dirty jokes, and love of nature.